Since 2005, Compubahn has wisely leveraged its strong expertise in security, vulnerability analysis and fraud detection in the public sector and applied it in the financial sector. Compubahn’s offerings in the financial sector are:

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Software Solutions
Almost every country in the world has issued legislation and/or regulatory requirements that mandate organizations in the financial services market deploy appropriate procedures and processes that detect and deter financial crimes, such as money laundering and terrorist financing. Financial services organizations risk heavy monetary fines and other punitive actions for non-compliance with these financial transaction safeguard requirements.

Compubahn has an exclusive relationship with Cellent Financial Services, Ltd., a premier German software vender of AML and Fraud detection solutions. Cellent ( is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landes Bank, the fifth largest state bank in Germany. Cellent’s suite of products, S/Monitor, S/Research and S/Risk offer a complete range of solutions for AML compliance, combating terrorist financing, and financial crime risk assessment. The salient features of AML compliance solution are:

 Predefined rules for Money Laundering scenarios

 Adaptable to organizations risk scenarios

 Enhanced Know Your Customer (KYC) rules

 Ongoing monitoring of high-risk customers, including Politically Exposed     Person (PEP)
        Cross checking with various databases such as Office of Foreign Assets            Control (OFAC) filters list,

 Innovative algorithms to minimize manual tasks

 Real-time alerts for interventions

 Filtering for financial transactions and customers

 Suspicious activities detection

 Detailed reports with various levels of granularity

 Ongoing cognitive ability – minimize false positives
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