Compubahn’s secure wireless application development services are designed to enhance productivity of a business interest by extending critical enterprise information to a mobile workforce allowing real-time interaction.

Compubahn specializes in developing wireless applications that are device agnostic, network agnostic and based on non-proprietary open standards architecture. Our customized wireless applications are applicable in field services, empowering an enterprise’s mobile workers to securely access and update critical data from back-end systems. Other types of applications can help automate emergency communications or continuity of operations plans (COOP) riding on a scalable infrastructure that integrates voice and data capabilities of wireless technology. This integrated applications approach allows Compubahn to offer instantaneous communication such as push-based bi-directional alerts with guaranteed status of delivery.
Compubahn offers a complete and integrated solution for rapid wireless deployment. Compubahn’s wireless solution is built on best-of-breed COTS software products including wireless email, field service application, device security, device management, provisioning and web transcoding.

The important features of our emergency response/COOP and wireless and mobile applications are as follows:
  Emergency Response/COOP
     Addresses emergency communications requirements, including the      ability to:
           Implement with or without warning
           Inform, warn and prepare alternate facilities
           Establish and put into practice an order of succession
           Operate three independent channels for emergency communication
           Identify key internal and external contacts
           Operate redundant communication systems

   Helps managers handle both COOP and OEP plans

   Compubahn’s System – a step beyond traditional emergency systems
           Automates the process
           Also leverages PDAs (Blackberry, iPhone/iPad and Android)
           User-defined preferences for communication
           Based on bi-directional, secure, push-based alerts
           Integrate channels: wireless data, voice and web
           Open systems -- leverages existing infrastructure
           Integrate with best-of-breed COTS software
  Wireless and Mobile Applications
   The Compubahn strategy is that the applications and devices should       complement and not replace desktops and laptops
   Assistance and consulting in considering specific wireless applications       that may benefit your enterprise
   Complete and integrated solution for rapid wireless deployment
   Access critical data securely from legacy/ERP systems on the field
   Delivering the critical information needed to make informed decisions
   Placing accurate content with a higher priority than superficial      presentation
   Protect applications and data on devices and over the network
   Use encryption based on AES or Triple DES
July 2012: Compubahn team advises USDA Departmental Management offices on restructuring of operational services functions.

January 2, 2012: USDA Departmental Management calls on Compubahn to conduct an integrated management assessment and leadership development project.

October 1, 2011: USDA Departmental Management extends and expands number of senior executives and senior manager coaching clients in Compubahn contract.
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