For the last several years, Compubahn has leveraged its strong expertise in security, vulnerability analysis and fraud detection in the public sector and applied it in the financial sector.  Compubahn’s offerings in the financial sector are:

Anti-Phishing and Fraud Detection Solutions
Rapid growth in online banking and commerce has brought increasing sophistication in Internet fraud activities. Threats from phishing, trojans, key logging, and proxy attacks place online security at a premium. Identity theft and account takeover have grown virtually unchecked and include increasingly effective schemes that defraud financial transaction entities and their customers. In addition to causing potentially large monetary losses, fraud against financial institutions can also subvert customer confidence and lead to significant damage to reputation and brand. Financial institutions are under pressure due to specific regulatory mandates to proactively detect and prevent fraud and secure customer data.

Compubahn provides key capabilities and a comprehensive solution that addresses the problems of fraud detection, authentication and phishing. The solution provides strong authentication, mutual authentication, proactive real-time risk monitoring and fraud detection, and real-time reporting and analysis. The salient features of fraud detection, authentication and anti-phishing solution are as follows:

 Fraud Detection
        Rules for real-time fraud detection
                 Detecting anomalies
                 Thorough analysis of historical data
                 Advanced statistical analysis

        Incorporate array of factors
                 Historical and recent transaction behavior
                 Transactional trail through heterogeneous databases

        Advanced statistical analysis
                 Not just use of Bell Curves
                 Reduce noise and false positives
                 Minimize manual intervention

         Comprehensive transaction risk assessment

         Scores risk and alerts the management

         Capable of triggering numerous follow up actions

         Forensic analysis of audit data

 Authentication and Anti-Phishing
         Multi-factor authentication protocols

         PIN establishment procedures

         Biometrics, hard and soft tokens

         Ensure current and future compliance

         Best practices and scalability
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