Our data analytics consulting
team translates data into insights

We have subject matter experts with deep knowledge of verticals such Finance,
Insurance, Health Care, Public Sector, and Entertainment.

We consider ourselves story tellers.

We take a deep dive into our customer’s data and figure out nuggets of useful information that allows our customers to make informed business decisions.  These decisions can allow the organization by increasing the sales and decreasing the cost. Data can be used in a wide variety of cases such as:

  • Increase the revenue by upselling
  • Increase the sales by cross-selling
  • Increasing customer retention
  • Decreasing customer churn rate
  • Reduce employee attrition
Data Story Tellers
Data Experts

Why Choose Compubahn

Proven Track Record: During our last twenty-five years, we have successfully executed hundreds of projects all within time and budget.

Business First:  We believe that our customers are better served by taking the time to understand the business needs first.  Business needs drive the technology and not the other way around. Technology is there to serve the business, therefore the core understanding of the business drivers is very important. Most organizations are looking to increase efficiency, increase the revenues and lower the costs.  The revenues can be increased by attracting new customers, retaining the existing customers and increasing the share and velocity of individual transactions by using up-selling and cross-selling.  Analysis of existing data and applying judicious Information Technology can help boost the Return on Investment (ROI).

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Compubahn Inc. (Compubahn) was founded in 1990, as a software development consulting company and has grown into an Information Technology (IT) services and management consulting services firm whose goal is to provide and support technological and management solutions that address both technical and business concerns for its customers.

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All projects are different but our Meticulous attention to detail allows our team to build repeatable assets that streamline development.


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As part of a support for all the phases of software engineering life cycle, we have a team of professionals who can analyze the requirements, document them, do the architectural design, assist with implementation and do the maintenance.