Applying Data Science
& Analytics To the Enterprise

We consider ourselves story tellers. We take a deep dive into our customer’s data
and figure out nuggets of useful information that allows our customers to make
informed business decisions.

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Big Data & Analytics

Before we can share insights about your data, we need to consolidate data in a repository so the data scientists can properly analyze the data.  We have found that techniques such as predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics and machine learning are really the last phase of the analytics lifecycle.  Most of the organizations need assistance in consolidating disparate data, whether it is structured or unstructured, into a repository like a data lake.

As part of migration to a data repository, we would perform some important steps such as data cleansing, eliminating duplicate records and updating meta data records.  Our data engineers are certified in big data technologies and all the components of Hadoop Stack.

Cloud Migration

We are in the midst of a major computing paradigm shift.  Organizations are finding that instead of maintaining costly data centers, they are better off migrating it to the cloud.  The cloud migration allows the organizations to focus on their core business while significantly reducing the cost of maintaining the data centers and the resources to manage the infrastructure.

A large part of the journey to the cloud is dealing with migration of software applications.  These could be customized applications written in programming languages such as Java, C++, Python or using Commercially Off the Shelf Packages (COTS) such as SAP, Oracle (Financials, HR, Peoplesoft).  Many of these applications can be migrated using simple lift and shift.  However, most customized applications require re-architecture or re-engineering of the applications, reducing dependencies on OnPrem (On Premises) components such as Databases, and Database connectivity.  These dependencies require expertise of Data Architects who are versatile in various programming languages, databases, and network connectivity.

Data Story Tellers

Software Development

We have been developing and maintaining software applications for our clients for over 25 years.  Although, we are agnostic towards any programming environment, most of the work we have done is primarily using Java and Python using databases such as Oracle and SQLServer.  We have also developed and maintained customized mobile applications for iOS and Android environments.

As part of a support for all the phases of software engineering life cycle, we have a team of professionals who can analyze the requirements, document them, do the architectural design, assist with implementation and do the maintenance.